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  • IBA GmbH is dedicated to provide high quality tools for life science research. Being the "TAG-company" IBA is covering with its TAGnologies the entire production of recombinant proteins. As competent partner for the Life science industry and academia IBA is one of the foremost providers of TAG-derived products and services for PCR, cloning, transfection, protein expression and purification to detection, immobilization, and T-cell isolation. 

    IBA's clients may choose either the proprietary protein products or, alternatively, the custom services, which are based on the same TAGnologies maximizing the client’s flexibility to allocate resources: 

    "StarGate®" is a high capacity combinatorial cloning system used to screen for the optimal host/tag combination. The intelligent system is beating other cloning systems with exceptional advantages. After transfection with MATra, an efficient magnet assisted transfection TAGnology using MagTag®, the Strep-tag®/Strep-Tactin® system is ideally suited for purification of highly pure and bioactive proteins. 

    IBA has just launched several new and exciting products: the StarGate® Fusion Cloning System for the generation of fusion proteins and artificial operons, the Strep-Tactin® Superflow® high capacity affinity chromatography resin for purification of Strep-tag® proteins, several ready-to-use tools for protein:protein interaction studies as well as new Strep-tag® proteins, namely FasL, for apoptosis research.
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