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    Cellulose seals are used on products in a variety of markets. These seals are a deterrent to tampering, provide product protection and prevent leakage. A cellulose seal is visible assurance of product freshness and confidence...an advantage that can increase selling power. 

    Cellulose bands are tubular in shape and are kept wet in special shipping containers. They are applied wet and shrink as they dry in a form-fitting seal. They do not leave any residue and are biodegradable.

    Industries served include:
    • Food, Herbs
    • Beverages, including Wines and Spirits
    • Medical Oxygen and Welding Gas
    • Pharmaceuticals, Chemicals
    • Cosmetics and Personal Hygiene
    • Sporting Equipment
    Advantages of celon bands:
    • No special machinery needed
    • No heat required
    • Inexpensive
    • Tough & Durable

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