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  • As a one-year-old company, Kainos made its name in 1975 by announcing two world-first enzyme-based clinical lab reagent kits, the Serum Transaminase Measurement Kit and Triglyceride (TG) Measurement Kit. Though many had noted the possibilites of enzymes as detergents, only Kainos recognized their potential in blood sample testing.

    Our breakthrough spawned a whole new technological field. We subsequently developed this enzyme-based technology further in immunoserology to announce our Alfa-Fetoprotein (AFP) Measurement Kit, again a world-first enzyme-based diagnostic reagent for malignant tumors.

    By providing an enzyme immunoassay (EIA) system in an area where only radioimmunoassay (RIA) had been known, Kainos built an accurate diagnostic reagent system that is capable of diagnosing early cancers in various organs while eliminating th epossibility of adverse effects on lab technicians and on the environment.

    In the field of rapid kits (POCT) which ahs recently become the focus of a lot of attention, our rapid kits for influenza that allows differentiation between type A and antigen type B using a test card have been favourably received.

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