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Lampire Biologicals Laboratories, Inc.

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    LAMPIRE has earned primary vendor status with pharmaceutical, diagnostic, biotechnology, and medical device corporations worldwide. Commitment to Quality and Customer Service has established LAMPIRE as a key resource for clients through the research and development, scale-up, and optimization stages of product development and subsequent production. LAMPIRE also serves academia and government research agencies involved in the areas of immunology, cell biology, cell signaling, pathology, molecular biology, microbiology, and clinical medicine.


    LAMPIRE strives to offer excellent products at competitive prices. Our ability to accomplish this is the result of production efficiencies and the strategic location of facilities in eastern and central Pennsylvania.


    LAMPIRE's staff of trained professionals includes Ph.D. scientists and certified Laboratory Animal Technicians to assure your project's success and establish lot-to-lot consistency of finished products.
    • Ph.D. Scientists are actively involved in all facets of LAMPIRE's products and services: From the development and production of stock inventory items to the design of custom antibody and immunoassay development projects.
    • Staff Veterinarians provide animal healthcare supervision, preventive medicine, and nutrition analysis.
    • AALAS Certified Staff: Laboratory Animal Technologists participate in continuous cGMP training.
    • Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC) physically inspects each facility, meets on a regular basis to examine all protocols to ensure compliance with the Animal Welfare Act, and follows the IACUC "Guide for the Care and Use of Laboratory Animals."

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