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LeGene Biosciences.

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  • LeGene Biosciences manufactures kits and reagents for diverse life science and drug discovery applications worldwide. Since 2011, our mission has been to create the highest quality products that consistently deliver high performance, to discover technological solutions that lead to better results, and to develop collaborative relationships with our clients through personalized attention and follow-through. Led by our commitment to excellence and our pioneering spirit, we offer exceptional product at great value and bring leading-edge technology to the market. LeGene Biosciences played a leading role in the development of innovative “One-Tube Master Mix” products such as Fr-Fr 1-Step Real-Time qRT-PCR Master Mixes and Fr-Fr 1-Step RT-PCR Master Mixes. A strong foundation in scientific research, history of innovative product development, and dedication to exploration and discovery make LeGene Biosciences the ideal partner for bringing pioneering technology to the market for laboratory research worldwide.

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