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  • LI-COR Biotechnology

    Primary Product Categories

    • Imaging Systems
    • C-DiGit® Blot Scanner
    • Reagents
    • Blocking Buffers for NIR Westerns
    • IRDye® Secondary Antibodies
    • Protein Ladders/Markers
    • WesternSure® Chemiluminescent Reagents
    • Stripping Buffers
    • Software

    The C-DiGit® Blot Scanner

    Cat.# 3600-00

    LI-COR C-DiGit Blot Scanner

    Do More with Simple, Efficient Data Capture

    Increase your productivity by eliminating typical darkroom hassles – like taking multiple exposures or waiting in line. Instead, get the full story in minutes with a single scan.

    LI-COR C-DiGit Blot Scanner

    See More From a Single Scan

    Find out what’s really happening in highly abundant samples by revealing key differences in strong signals. See both strong and faint bands together in a single digital file.

    LI-COR C-DiGit Blot Scanner

    Discover More with Better Technology

    Leave blurred bands and saturation behind. Capture true detail and complexity from every Western blot, due to advancements in optical design and engineered efficiency.

    LI-COR C-DiGit Blot Scanner

    Increase Your Productivity

    Eliminate typical darkroom hassles, like taking multiple film exposures, waiting in line, and processor jams. Your digital image is ready in as little as 6 minutes – faster and easier than walking to the darkroom, exposing and developing film, and scanning the film to create a digital image.

    Simplify your protocol and get results faster. Follow your normal protocol through substrate incubation, but skip waiting in line, getting your film cassette ready, preparing the processor, taking multiple exposures, and cleaning up the darkroom. Plus, your results are immediately digitized and ready for analysis!

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