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  • Lifecore Biomedical, LLC is dedicated to the development of technically advanced products that offer long-term compatibility with the human body. Since 1965, thousands of patients worldwide have benefited from Lifecore's purposeful innovations in ophthalmology and orthopedics.


    Hyaluronan is naturally found in the body such as the skin, cartilage, and the fluid inside the eye. Manufactured hyaluronan compounds are gaining prevalence in biomedical applications targeting these tissues.

    Lifecore's Hyaluronan Division develops and manufactures products composed of the biopolymer hyaluronan (also known as hyaluronic acid, sodium hyaluronate, or hyaluronate). Hyaluronan compounds are important lubricating, connective, and shock-absorbing components of both soft and bone tissues. Lifecore hyaluronan biopolymers and mixtures are used in regenerative applications for a wide and ever-growing range of treatments from osteo-arthritits to opthalmic to cosmetic skin procedures.

    Lifecore's commitment to quality and service ensures that our products meet or exceed the highest standards set by the United States Food and Drug Administration, the European Community and other international agencies. Lifecore has earned ISO 13485 and CE certifications, international symbols of quality system assurance and compliance.

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