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  • Life Sciences Advanced Technologies continues to build on the well-established biochemical product line we have manufactured and distributed since 1962. For almost fifty years, Life Sciences has been the world’s leading commercial producer of native AMV reverse transcriptase. Life Sciences has evolved into Life Sciences Advanced Technologies by building on its existing product line. Life Sciences Advanced Technologies is committed to providing quality enzymes and biochemical products with an emphasis on service, value and customer satisfaction.

    We pride ourselves in striving to respond to your scientific needs with a sense of urgency and timeliness. Life Sciences has expanded our product line to meet the demands of the medical, scientific and research communities. We are continuously collaborating with major pharmaceutical, biotechnology and research organizations to develop products that are impacting the global market. More specifically we have worked with companies, institutions, and individual research scientists to develop and improve products in PCR, enzyme modification, molecular diagnostic testing, immunology, and protein stability. Building on fifty years of scientific research experience, LSAT provides viable scientific knowledge to our clients and partners around the world.

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