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  • Magtivio (founded in 2004) is primarily focusing its efforts on development of state of the art magnetic bead separation techniques. It's based on Magtivio's own IP for developing & producing nanoparticles with a magnetic core integrating several important research options for scientists.

    Besides standard products, Magtivio offers interested parties specific “tailor made” solutions. Via its extensive distributor network – in which Cedarlane Laboratories plays a key role in the Americas – specific nanoparticles become available when “standard” solutions are not good enough. This offers a flexible solution for nanoparticle issues like: size (300 nm – 5 μm), matrix selection, encapsulation of specific compounds (eg quantum dots, fluorescence, luminescents) and surface compound functionalities (e.g. antibodies, ligands, proteins etc.). Magtivio's specific project approach “MagCustom” offers its project partners quick insight in feasible solutions for any issue relating to the use of magnetic and non magnetic beads.

    With its strong basis in QC/QA for validation and upscaling of (custom) products, Magtivio has an established name in the IVD market. Being a reliable provider of magnetic bead solutions – that are suitable for high throughput automation – we look forward to coming into contact with institutes and companies that have a specific need for our platform technology.

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