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  • About Us

    MedChemExpress (MCE) offers a wide range of high quality research chemicals and biochemicals including novel life-science reagents, reference compounds, APIs and natural compounds for laboratory and scientific use. MCE has knowledgeable and friendly customer service and technical support teams with years of experience in the life science industry. MCE will be a competent and trustworthy partner for your research and scientific projects.

    We are client-centric and would like to hear from you about how our products and services might better assist you.


    Product quality is the key to our success and we take pride in offering only the highest-grade products. Product identity, quality, purity and activity are assured by our robust quality control and assurance polices, programs and procedures. We perform thorough analytical testing - including HNMR, LC-MS and HPLC -stability testing and activity assays on our products and the results from these tests are available to clients.


    Our chemists are highly experienced in molecular synthesis and the preparation of large quantities of structurally diverse and synthetically challenging molecules. We work with clients that have widely different needs and we have been very successful in meeting such needs.


    We offer:

    • Structurally and synthetically diverse biologically active compounds
    • Flexible order volume ranging from milligrams to kilograms scale
    • On-time delivery of products
  • Medchem Express Available through Cedarlane

    Primary Product Categories

    • Signal Pathways
    • Dye Reagents
    • Peptides
    • Natural Products
    • Biochemical Assay Reagents
    • Inhibitory Antibodies
    • Compound Screening Libraries
    • Kits

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