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  • Stohler Isotope Chemicals, Inc. was the foundation for Medical Isotopes, Inc. Stohler Isotope Chemicals was founded in 1963 in Canada and in 1969 the headquarters were moved to Waltham, Massachusetts, USA. The major product line was the production of NMR solvents and NMR supplies. In addition, amino acids, fatty acids, sugars, steroids, labeled with Deuterium, C13, N15, and O18 were synthesized. After 21 years of operation the company was sold in 1984 to ICN, an international pharmaceutical company.

    In 1985 Eric Stohler subsequently financed and established an antibody company, named "Biodesign International" in Kennebunkport, Maine. The major product line was production of antibodies in animals that were used in antibody kits for blood analysis in hospitals. After 11 years of operation Biodesign was sold in 1996 to Fresenius A. G., a German international pharmaceutical company.

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