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  • M. H. Montreal Biotechnologies Inc. (MBI) was founded in 1993, as a sales, marketing, and distribution company for research and diagnostic products. The sales strategy for MBI is to have local representation in every major geographical area in Canada. Promotional material and new product updates are delivered to the customer through the use of the sales team, telephone, mail, and website. Our goal is to discover products of high quality which can be promoted in the markets that we have identified to participate in. These markets include cell culture, molecular biology, immunology, and clinical diagnostics.

    Everything that you need in your lab is just one call away! Thanks to our relationship with our customers, we have been successful in putting together the right solutions with a large spectrum of biotechnology equipment. As you may already know, our sales force comes from a similar professional background as yours. They are experts in their fields and understand the needs of a researcher. With Montreal Biotech Inc., you will have access to the best equipment for your research and/or production.

    Whether the equipment you are looking for is listed or not, please contact us. We will work with you to get you the best product and price with our unparalleled service. We have solutions targeted to your needs.

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If you have sales questions relative to particular products or to your line of research, please contact the CEDARLANE® sales department and have all of your questions answered in a timely and professional manner.