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  • Established in Baton Rouge, Louisiana in 2014, MoonElisa is a biotechnology company which focuses on method optimization, customized ELISA development and ELISA technology kits. MoonElisa was formed to capitalize on many years of experience of our scientists in ELISA and Western Blot assays through work at contract research organizations, biotechnology companies and academia. Our priorities are to help in finding potential targets—substances that new diagnostic tools might measure in patient samples—and improving the sensitivity and specificity of currently available R&D and diagnostic tests, thereby leading to more accurate results.

    Our mission is to provide an affordable, high quality ELISA reagents to researchers worldwide that empowers the process of scientific finding in the areas of adipokines, weight regulation, apoptosis, infectious diseases, diabetes, wound healing, signal transduction, metabolism, cancer, immunology, and neuroscience. We offer a variety of ELISA methods of detection that enable sensitive, robust and specific concentration measurements. Meanwhile, we are excited to offer our broad scientific and technical expertise in statistical analysis, experimental design, method development, qualification, and validation to the life sciences community. Our labs are well equipped with highly qualified instruments, plate readers and automated liquid handling equipment to handle most assay types.

    We constantly strive to provide only the best through our affordable pricing, consistent results, reliable service, high quality, and courteous care to our customers. We believe that maintaining earned trust is a mixture of innovation, creativity, and continuous commitment to quality. By providing an assessment approach and smooth purchasing options, MoonElisa is continually working side by side with our customers to help solving their scientific, technical, and methodological challenges.

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