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  • Since 1975 MB has been engaged in the custom synthesis and catalog manufacture of radiolabeled, stable isotopically labeled and unlabeled compounds to support scientific research, providing compounds that are in demand but not available from other sources. Moravek Biochemicals also offers hundreds of non-exclusive compounds with exceptionally strong documentation of structural confirmation and purity, and at competitive prices. In the 1990’s two NIH grants totaling one million dollars were awarded to Moravek Biochemicals to establish Moravek Biochemicals as the leader in the production of anti-cancer and anti-viral labeled compounds.

    Today, after thirty four years of consistent growth and commitment in the field of radiolabeled compounds, Moravek Biochemicals offers exceptionally strong documentation of structural confirmation and purity for custom synthesized and more than eleven hundred tritium [3H], carbon-14 [14C], sulfur-35 [35S], stable isotope labeled and unlabeled catalog compounds.

    Tritium NMR, proton NMR, mass spectrometry, LC/MS, GC/MS, HPLC-UV, HPLC-radio, HPLC-RI, GC-FID, GC-TCD and UV spectrophotometry are often utilized to generate exceptionally strong documentation of structural confirmation, quality and purity.

    For 2009 Moravek Biochemicals has doubled the size of its primary carbon-14 production facility in California, where 18 additional, new ten foot fume hoods have been added. A total of five Thermo Electron LC/MS/MS quadrupole ion traps have also been added for fast, convenient analysis. 32 HPLC workstations support of purification and quality control activities.

    Modern chiral and non-chiral pharmaceutical research grade HPLC media and preparative GCs are used extensively to achieve exceptionally high levels of radiochemical and chemical purity.

    Much of Moravek Biochemicals rapid growth over the past 34 years is due to increasing numbers of researchers who appreciate the availability of rigorously purified, quality controlled and exceptionally well documented compounds that are shipped only after meeting strict structural conformation and pharmaceutical research grade HPLC radiochemical purity standards. These standards usually set at a minimum of >97.0% for tritium, and >98.0% for carbon-14. This standard is sometimes referred to as Moravek Biochemicals trademarked MORpure standard.

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