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  • MyBioSource, LLC was orginally founded in Vancouver by three enthusiastic scientists who are passionate about providing the world with the best reagents available. Together, they form a company with a big vision known as MyBioSource. MyBioSource is now located in San Diego, California, USA.

    "MyBioSource's #1 vision is to be the world's #1 quality reagents provider."

    Our goal is to provide researchers, scientists and customers alike with a one-stop-shop for all of their reagents needs, whether it is monoclonal antibody, polyclonal antibody, recombinant protein, peptide, etc...

    "MyBioSource offers the best products at unbeatable prices."

    Please spend a few minutes to browse our online catalogs and see the wide range of products available. We ship our products through our shipping/distribution facility in San Diego, California, USA.

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