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  • Nacalai USA, Inc., a wholly-owned subsidiary of Nacalai Tesque, Inc., Kyoto Japan., was founded in January 2005 in San Diego, California to bridge between the United States and Japan in the scientific research community. Nacalai USA strives to bring the most innovative and stringently quality-controlled biochemicals and research tools from Japan into the United States market, and also to introduce United States technologies and products into the Japanese research market.

    Nacalai USA provides the highest quality research products necessary for the Life Science research such as Molecular Biology and Proteomics. Most of the products are manufactured and packaged in the high level of manufacturing facilities in Japan.

    Nacalai USA also provides Cosmosil brand HPLC columns. The Cosmosil chromatography product line includes several robust reversed phase and prep columns as well as specialty columns such as the Cholester (cholesteryl group), NPE (nitrophenylethyl group), PYE (pyrenylethyl group) and Sugar-D. Cosmosil Buckyprep (pyrenylpropyl group) and PBB (pentabromobenzyl group) columns are well recognized worldwide for Fullerene separation.

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