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    nanoComposix is a world leading manufacturer of precisely engineered and highly characterized nanoparticles. Our mission is to help our customers bring nanotechnology enabled products to market. Our multi-disciplinary technical teams provide rapid prototyping, characterization, integration, and scale-up solutions to accelerate R&D and commercialization for a wide variety of application areas including biodiagnostics, topical therapeutics, nanomedicine, antimicrobial coatings, and color engineering.

    We are a 12 year old company that has provided monodisperse and unagglomerated metal and metal-oxide nanomaterials to thousands of customers. Hundreds of different variants of material, size, shape, and surface are available as stock products and we have produced over 2000 custom core/shell, biofunctionalized, fluorescent, and magnetic nanocomposites to meet client specifications. NanoComposix produced the NIST nanosilver reference material and our particles have been utilized in over 400 peer-reviewed publications. All of our materials are supplied with certificates of analysis that include electron microscopy, hydrodynamic diameter, and optical data for each batch to guarantee products meets specifications. Contract manufacturing is performed on scales that range from small beakers to thousands of liters. Nanomaterials for medical devices and clinical trials are produced in our ISO13485 and cGMP compliant cleanroom facility. By leveraging our unique library of nanomaterials, we aim to help our customers rapidly bring nano-enabled products from concept to commercialization.


    Our collection consists of different material classes: BioPure™, NanoXact™ and Econix™. BioPure™ nanoparticles are for applications requiring high sterility and low endotoxin, formulations for nanotoxicology, environmental studies, and lateral flow assays. NanoXact™ is monodispersed and of high quality for applications requiring lower concentrations. Econix™ is the materials grade product line, providing high concentration nanomaterials at a lower cost.

    In addition to stock products, nanoComposix has partnered with hundreds of commercial, academic, diagnostic companies to provide custom nanomaterial fabrication, processing, and integration. Please contact us for more information on custom nanoparticle synthesis.

    We make three grades of silver nanoparticles: Biopure, Nanoxact and Econix.

    Both of our NanoXact and BioPure product lines both consist of high quality, monodisperse, unagglomerated and highly characterized spherical nanoparticles. The NanoXact materials are provided at a lower concentration (0.02 mg/mL for silver, 0.05 mg/mL for gold) and may contain a small concentration ofresidual reactants from the synthesis, whereas the BioPure silver and gold nanoparticles have been concentrated to 1 mg/mL and extensively purified to remove residual reactants. The BioPure products have also been tested for endotoxin levels and are confirmed to be below 2.5 EU/mL (<5 EU/mL for ≤20 nm silver) and are sterilized before packaging. NanoXact gold nanoparticles, NanoXact silver nanoparticles and BioPure gold and silver nanoparticles are available with a choice of either citrate, tannic acid,PEG, Lipoic Acid, BPEI and PVP (polyvinylpyrrolidone) surface stabilizing agents. BioPure formulations are ideal for applications that require high concentration and/or low residual reactants, such as nanotoxicology, environmental studies, lateral flow assays, and applications that require high concentrations of nanoparticles. NanoXact formulations are ideal for applications which require lower concentrations and do not require endotoxin and sterility certifications.

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