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  • Welcome to The Nest Group! Our commitment is to earn your business.

    Not many companies think about earning your business, never mind ask if they have, but want to. We work to earn your business and to keep it. That is why we have so many applications and techniques listed on our protocol and pdf pages. We trust that after you have the information, you will value it enough to keep coming back to us with your purchases too, so that we can afford to continue expanding your resources here.

    We consider ourselves a "value-added" distributor. We are focused on dialysis and chromatographic separations of proteins, peptides, nucleic acids and pharmaceutical molecules. It is our only business, allowing us to offer you:
    • Technical expertise in the isolation and purification of proteins, peptides and nucleic acids-"a resource that you can't get from a book."
    • New, unique and sometimes unconventional materials and approaches when traditional methods fail.
    • Responsive service for your questions and problems.
    • Rapid delivery from a large inventory of both standard and odd size HPLC columns from a variety of manufacturers.
    All this makes the difference between us and other suppliers even greater. It's a difference in attitude, a difference in value, and this difference makes for a good relationship, for you and for us!

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