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  • Newcomer Supply was founded in 1986 by me, Marcia Welch. The question is often asked... "Why?" As the story goes, I wanted to make a business move and did not want to leave all the clients and friends in histology that I had made all across the US. If I had to start over, it was going to be with these people. But, how do you start over? The only thing I could do was to start with the basics:

    Keep The Products Honest: Highest quality, fresh shelf life, common sense economy in stock chemistry, and convenient packaging per customer needs.

    Keep The Lines Of Communication Open: Technical Support to be available by telephone and in technical memos for the clarification of concerns and resolution of technical problems. If possible, always try to find out what is really happening to prevent it from happening again.

    Keep The Pricing Competitive: Build the business with honest prices and work hard for the reputation of the company to grow.

    Keep A Sense Of Humor: It is imperative for all parties to laugh as often as possible!

    Thank You For Your Support And Consideration.
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