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  • PBL Assay Science (formerly PBL InterferonSource) has been manufacturing and selling interferons, cytokines, antibodies, single-analyte assay kits, cytokine multiplex ELISAs, and related reagents since 1990. PBL has changedits name to reflect the company’s growth beyond interferons to a broader range of assay-related products and services. In doing this we have not abandoned our core competency in interferon: we have simply recognized that our research, our products, and our services have moved beyond interferon into other cytokines, biomarkers, multiplexes, and biological materials.

    Our new name signifies a renewed focus on partnering with researchers to solve their most difficult problems; our goal is to grow and expand the company’s reputation as a provider of high-level Assay Science to researchers around the world. To learn more about what PBL Assay Science has to offer, please visit our website (listed above).

    Product Categories:

    • Single-Plex and Multi-Pkex ELISAs
    • Interferons
    • Human Cell-Expressed (HCE) Cytokines and Growth Factors
    • Antibodies (Monoclonal and Polyclonal)

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