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  • Phoenix AirMid Biomedical is the result of a partnership between Phoenix Bio-Tech Corporation and Airmid Biomedical Corporation. Phoenix Bio-Tech was established and incorporated in 1992 and was responsible for the distribution of diagnostic kits and automation solutions, whereas Airmid Biomedical was responsible for the reprocessing solutions for TEE and ultrasound probes. In December 2007, in an effort to increase the promotion of our products and to achieve global market visibility and recognition, Phoenix Bio-Tech partnered with Airmid Biomedical to create a new signature – Phoenix AirMid Biomedical.

    Phoenix AirMid Biomedical was incorporated in 2008. Our head office is located in Oakville, Ontario – just west of Toronto. We are a distributor of a wide range of quality autoimmune, infectious disease, and molecular diagnostic products and also specialize in providing technical services for both manual and custom automation of diagnostic systems. Additionally, we provide complete reprocessing solutions and accessories for TEE and ultrasound probes.

    The rapidly expanding field of immunology-based diagnostics has provided Phoenix AirMid Biomedical with the opportunity to bring new test kits to the Canadian market from manufacturers in Europe and North America. Many of these tests are based on revolutionary, genetically engineered recombinant antigens.

    Our specialty is assisting our customers with the application of these tests to their automated diagnostic systems. We provide extensive experience and expertise in adopting the tests to automated formats at different volume levels, assisting in modifications of computer software and/or providing appropriate software and hardware for automated diagnostics.

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