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  • background

    • The Genome Project - A first generation venture, delineated the entire sequence of the body's genetic material.
    • The Proteomics Project - A second-generation venture and it is attempting to sequence all of the proteins expressed in the body.
    • PhosphoSolutions, Inc. - We will leapfrog proteomics to focus on phosphoproteins, the third generation.

    our focus

    PhosphoSolutions is focused on phosphoproteins, which are a small subset (10-20%) of proteomics. Phosphoproteins are the key, functionally regulated proteins in the proteome. This subset of proteins is known as the phosphosome. Phosphoproteins are thought to be critical elements in neurological diseases such as Alzheimer's and in cancer. In essence, the phosphosome is the cream of the proteomics crop.

    our mission

    Our goal is simply stated. We want to be the best provider of phospho-proteomic solutions in the world.

    solution #1

    Solution #1, Phospho-specific antibodies: The first solution we will provide is phospho-specific antibodies. Phospho-specific antibodies are one of the key tools for the study of phosphoproteins as they recognize the protein only when it is in the activated or phosphorylated state.

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