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  • PrimerDesign genesig q16

    The genesig® q16 – DNA testing – Everything, Everyone, Everywhere

    We want you to get your hands on the most compact, portable, revolutionary DNA testing device on the market! Contact us to request your complimentary demonstration of the genesig® q16.

    • David Remedios
    • Sales Representative
    • 1-800-268-5058 x 259
    • david.remedios@cedarlanelabs.com
    • For more information on the genesig® q16 from PrimerDesign, see the resources listed below!

      *Please note that this offer applies to Canadian customers only

      Primerdesign Ltd specializes in real-time PCR. The company was founded by experts in 2005 and has since grown a global reputation as the best place in the World to purchase qPCR kits and reagents. Primerdesign is a privately held limited company focused on the design, manufacture, validation and supply of real-time PCR kits and reagents.

      The genesig® q16

      The genesig q16 is a revolutionary instrument launched by Primerdesign Ltd. The instrument is designed to accompany the genesig® easy product range which includes kits for more than 400 different DNA testing applications. The q16 is designed to make DNA testing affordable and easy for anyone in any business.

      The genesig® easy product range includes tests for a massive range of applications:

      • Food and Water testing
      • Veterinary Diagnostic
      • Human Infectious Disease Screening
      • Biothreat Detection

      Click here to download the PrimerDesign qPCR test kits catalogue

      Click here to download the genesig® q16 brochure

      See the video below for an introduction to the genesig® q16 – the World’s Most Affordable qPCR Machine!

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