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Promed-Tec (now Antron Engineering)

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Promed-Tec (now Antron Engineering) Products

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  • Antron Engineering & Machine Company provides precision machining in a wide range of materials to answer the unique needs of many industries.

    Together President Anthony Denietolis and Vice President John Kauker have over 70 years of education and experience in design, engineering, and manufacturing.

    Located in Bellingham, Massachusetts directly off Route I-495, Antron’s state of the art facility presently exceeds 36,000 square feet for combined manufacturing and office services, with space available for expansion to 70,000 square feet.

    Starting small in 1985 with just two machines, Anthony and John created their first machining facility in Anthony’s basement. They relocated within one year to a 3,000 square foot manufacturing building. They expanded twice in both 1994 and 1996, which increased the manufacturing area to 10,000 square feet. Antron now employs over 80 people committed to pride and excellence in their performance.

    In 2001, Antron Engineering found a permanent home when it relocated to 170 Mechanic Street in Bellingham, MA. Millions of dollars have been invested in new machinery, computer and software upgrades, compressor systems, finishing, shipping and receiving areas, testing and quality control areas.

    Today we offer contract manufacturing, which can take your project from design to prototype to subassembly or finished product ready for shipment. From the beginning our strength has always been to maintain flexibility for our clients while offering a range of services using up-to-date machining and production technology.

    This is Antron Engineering.
    We make the parts that make industries run.

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