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  • PromoCell – The Cell Culture Experts

    At PromoCell, we are committed to providing researchers worldwide with a broad range of human cells and optimized cell culture media. Furthermore, we supply well proven products for cell biology research such as user-friendly cell analysis kits, transfection reagents, cytokines, and fluorescence labels. You can count on our high quality products backed by experienced technical support and friendly customer service.

    Promocell is an ISO-certified producer of Human Primary cells and Specialized Media. Plus, with their variety of custom solutions and services, PromoCell is ready to meet any need you may have.


    What makes PromoCell and our services so special? – They offer

    • More than 30 years of cell culture knowledge
    • Ethically approved, innovative, high-quality solutions
    • Invaluable scientific support by our PhD qualified cell culture experts
    • Quality and control assured because we own the entire development and manufacturing process
    • Customized primary cells based on specific donor criteria
    • Modified media formulations and custom media packaging
    • Service in the context of regulatory requirements with our GMP support
    • A broad range of human cell types including primary cells, stem cells and blood cells and the related specialized media.

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