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    ProSci offers a broad catalog of over 35,000 research reagent products. Our own in-house labs and animal facilities (USDA licensed and NIH/OLAW assured) are located in the US and provide an extensive array of antibody services. ProSci provides its customers with practical experience, innovative products, competitive pricing, high-quality research tools, and customized services. Established in 1998, ProSci is a reliable partner with over 15 years of serving the research community globally.

    ProSci Products

    ProSci products include primary antibodies and antibody related reagents for research applications in the life science research community, biotech and pharmaceutical industries. Providing high performance products and customer satisfaction are the primary goals of ProSci.

    • Primary Antibodies (25000+): Monoclonal and polyclonal antibodies from many different host species including rabbit, mouse, chicken and goat and validated in WB, IHC, and ICC/IF.
    • Secondary Antibodies (50+): ProSci offers a wide array of secondary antibody conjugates for use in many different immunoassays.
    • Peptides (4500+): ProSci peptides are primarily used in parallel with our primary antibodies for blocking the antibody activity to confirm the right protein band of interest.
    • Recombinant Proteins (3000+): Extensive product line of soluble and functional recombinant proteins which are useful for a variety of life science research, biotechnology and biopharmaceutical applications.
    • Slides (200+): Normal, tumor, and abnormal tissue slides from multiple organs and a variety of cell lines of human, mouse and rat origins. Additionally, ProSci offers a variety of tissue panels that can be used in IHC, ISH and/or ICC applications.
    • Cell/Tissue Lysates (700+): A Variety of ready-to-use tissue lysates and cell lysates for proteomics research applications including immunblot analysis, immunoprecipitation, enzymatic activity analysis, protein-protein interaction, and tissue specific expression profiling.
    • Immunoblots (20+):ProSci immunoblots are designed for proteomics research and screening for protein expression in multiple cell-lines or tissues.
    • Additional Products: ProSci offers additional products including antibody-coated beads for immunoprecipitation, control antibodies, and streptavidin reagents.

    ***Sample sizes*** Some antibodies are available in sample sizes (20 µg) to simplify the antibody validation process for you by providing access to smaller aliquot sizes for testing.

    ProSci Custom Antibody Services

    We have produced more than 10,000 custom monoclonal and polyclonal antibodies for researchers worldwide in academia, biotechnology, diagnostics, and pharmaceutical industries. Operating our own USDA licensed and NIH/OLAW assured animal facility in San Diego, California, USA and performing immunological services in-house allows us to offer competitive pricing and tailor antibody production for almost any antibody need.

    Range of ProSci Custom Antibody Services

    Polyclonal Development

    • Rabbit
    • Peptide cocktail / Phospho- Specific
    • Chicken
    • Mouse
    • Rat
    • Guinea Pig
    • Goat
    • Llama

    Monoclonal Antibodies

    • Hybridoma Development
    • Ascites Production
    • In-Vitro Production

    Rabbit Monoclonal Antibodies

    • B cell plasma cloning
    • 4-5 month turn around time

    Single Domain Antibodies

    • Antibody Production
    • Made by Phage Display
    • Applications for Single Domains

    Additional Services

    • Antigen Design
    • Peptide Synthesis
    • Antibody Purification
    • Antibody Labeling
    Why choose ProSci for your custom antibodies?
    • Over 15 years experience
    • Flexible service packages simplify ordering
    • All services available individually to customize projects
    • Custom immunization schedules accepted
    • In-house labs and animal facilities in San Diego, CA (USA) eliminates the middleman and allows us to pass cost savings on to you
    • Confidentiality of your work is important to us
    • Complimentary peptide antigen design assistance
    • You retain the rights to any products from our services
    • Capable of supporting large or small projects
    • USDA licensed animal facility guarantees that production is done in the USA
    • NIH/OLAW assured animal facilities pre-approved for grants
    • Long list of publications using our custom antibody services
    • Outsourcing custom antibody production services gives you time to focus on your research
    • None of the custom antibodies produced are commercialized
    • Pre-screening samples available for rabbits allow you to test and select the hosts with minimal background (especially beneficial for plant and drosophila targets)
    • Spleen removal services for smaller host species
    • Scientists who understand your research needs

    Our dedicated and experienced staff looks forward to assisting you with any aspect of the project from selecting the ideal type of antibody and host species to helping design an immunization protocol or an antigenicity-guaranteed peptide for your custom antibody project. ProSci has the experience and expertise to help you develop the antibodies you desire.

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