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  • In April 2004, PureBiotech, LLC was formed through the acquisition of the Molecular Biology Division of CPG, Inc. from Millipore Corporation by key employees from that Division. Our goal is to provide in a timely manner the innovative high quality tools, reagents, kits and services needed to quickly move our customer's projects forward. Most of our products have been developed and are manufactured in-house and this will continue to be a major source of new product offerings.

    We will continue our established role as a reliable source of paramagnetic and non-magnetic microparticles. These microparticles are used in a wide array of separation, purification, solid phase synthesis and analyte detection applications within the Life Sciences. Many of our products are used in RNA work which has led us to institute stringent and specialized manufacturing and quality control procedures to ensure their proper functioning. The quality of our products is evidenced by their use in the technology platforms of several leading biopharm/biotech companies. We also serve as an OEM supplier to several research and chemical supply houses worldwide.

    Customer service is a top priority at PureBiotech. We know how frustrating it can be to listen to minutes of computerized menus and in the end get voicemail. We use call forwarding and cell phones to ensure that you speak to a real person at your convenience about your particular customer needs. Join our growing family of satisfied and loyal customers.

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