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  • Puresyn, Inc. is a Separations and Purification Contract Manufacturing Company. We develop, manufacture and market state-of-the-art products and services for the separation and purification of nucleic acids and other biological molecules utilizing our proprietary polymer technology, PolyFlo®, an inert, irregularly shaped, non-porous polymer resin. Puresyn is a leading supplier of contract manufacturing services for production and purification of gene delivery products including plasmids and recombinant viruses at scales and specifications suitable for research, development and pre-clinical requirements. For plasmid services, Puresyn offers high quality purification services which are designed to meet specific needs. For custom Adenovirus production, purification and analytical services, we offer Adenoserve®. Puresyn also has Adenovirus purification kits, Adenopure® and Adenopure LS®. They replace time and labor intensive double cesium chloride gradient and generate adenovirus preparations with high purity and potency in a convenient kit format.

    Puresyn markets and sells large-scale bioseparation systems, columns and chromatography media to leading drug and biotechnology companies to purify biopharmaceuticals. We exceed our competition in quality, service and continued support which is why we are well known for our “Customer Response Program” and the ability to develop extremely effective biopurification protocols for our customers.

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