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  • QUANTIFOIL Micro Tools GmbH manufactures and markets its proprietary QUANTIFOIL® support foils for electron microscopy.

    QUANTIFOIL is the only manufacturer of perforated support foils with pre-defined hole size, shape and arrangement which are used in electron microscopy. In this way, QUANTIFOIL has become the market leader of support films for cryo-electron microscopy. Our products greatly simplify specimen preparation and allow image acquisition to be performed automatically. QUANTIFOIL® support films are produced using technologies that are protected by internationally issued patents.

    QMT was established in 1999 and is a privately held company. The founders made sure that product development was carried out in a focused manner. In addition, the company has been successful in engaging motivated individuals. Through our outstanding product portfolio and partnerships with biotechnology companies and distributors worldwide, as well as government agencies, research institutions and universities, we built up a leading market position in electron microscopy.

    In order to further extend our market position and to develop novel products for life science research applications, we are seeking complementary, application-oriented partners. Because of our expertise in chemical surface modification, micro patterning and micro structuring techniques and a strong commitment to quality assured product development we are confident to become a distinguished partner for development and manufacturing of novel life science products.

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