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  • Rainbow Biotechnologies Co., Ltd. was established in 1997 with group youngs
    Though Rainbow Biotechnologies Co., ltd is young, Rainbow Biotechnologies is conducted under these principles:

    • Professional
    • Reliable
    • Customer-drived
    • Fast-serving Promising

    After many years struggling, Rainbow Biotechnologies distribute many research tools in Taiwan market, including:
    1. Plastics
    2. Apoptosis detection products
    3. Signal Transduction products
    4. ELISA kits
    5. CD markers
    6. Instruments
    7. Cell culture media
    8. Molecular cloning products
    9. Chemical reagents
    10. Antibodies

    In the Post-Genomic Era, Proteomics soon becomes the main trend in Taiwan research field. For catching up the scientific trend in Taiwan, Rainbow Biotechnologies devotes itself in the following directions:
    1. 2-Dimension Gel Electrophoresis service
    2. Protein Peptide Mapping via MALDI-TOF Mass Spectroscopy service
    3. Protein Chip Investigation

    Not only Rainbow Biotechnologies promise customers best quality products, but also offers customers best prices.

    In the coming years, many new platform technologies will be established by Rainbow Biotechnologies r&d department to meet the requirement of tomorrow biotechnical industry worldwide.

    These new platform technologies will be applied in the new drug investigation, stem cell research, cell membrane proteins development.

    Rainbow Biotechnologies promises you: You do the research, we care the all!

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