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  • Who are Randox Life Sciences?

    Randox Life Sciences is a division of Randox Laboratories, that has been developing and manufacturing a wide variety of antibodies, conjugates and human recombinant proteins for nearly 30 years. A selection of our antibodies and proteins are used in the development and manufacture of the Randox diagnostic products including the patented Biochip Array Technology and our ELISA kit products.

    What can Randox Life Sciences offer?

    Randox Life Sciences develops and manufactures a wide range of products which includes high quality antibodies and conjugates targeting drugs of abuse, steroids, hormones and biochemical markers. Randox Life Sciences also offers customers our extensive list of human recombinant cytokines, chemokines, adhesion molecules and tumour markers. Our extensive range consists of more than 1000 products all manufactured at our state of the art, ISO 13485 accredited manufacturing plant in the United Kingdom. Our product range is set to expand even further with more than 200 new products currently in development.

    Why choose Randox Life Sciences?

    At Randox Life Sciences every customer is important to us. Whether you're purchasing a single antibody, or bulk supply of antigens for assay development, or discussing custom polyclonal antibody manufacture, our experienced customer service department will be able to meet your needs. A number of global companies have chosen to partner with Randox Life Sciences for a variety of strategic reasons. These include our high quality and cost effective products, strong technical support and reliable supply of products.

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