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  • Following the completion of the human genome sequence, researchers have been able to analyze the expression of a myriad of disease-related genes. However, since many diseases result from abnormal protein expression, post-translational modifications, or interactions with other biomolecules, an understanding of disease states cannot be obtained from genomic research alone. It is our realization that high-throughput and efficient protein analysis offers the most promising approach for discovering novel drug targets, disease biomarkers and therapeutic agents.

    At RayBiotech, we have pioneered the development of high quality antibody and protein array technology to efficiently analyze the concurrent expression and function of hundreds of proteins involved in inflammation, angiogenesis, apoptosis, cell growth, and signal transduction from a single biological sample. Thus, RayBiotech provides a reliable high-throughput technology for screening of novel biomarkers, identification of new drug targets, determination of key factors, as well as for accurate, early detection of diseases. Our technologies have the potential to contribute significantly to the realization of the heralded promise of personalized medicine for patients.

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