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R&D Systems - Hematology

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R&D Systems - Hematology Products

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  • R&D Systems is a specialty manufacturer of biological products. It has two operating divisions: Biotechnology and Hematology. The hematology division develops and manufactures whole blood hematology controls and calibrators for hospitals and clinical laboratories to monitor the performance of blood analysis instruments, assuring the accuracy of test results.

    The biotechnology division specializes in cytokines and related molecules such as interleukins, growth factors, chemokines, adhesion molecules, neurotrophic factors, proteases, receptors, developmental proteins, apoptosis and signal transduction-related molecules. Our products include proteins, antibodies, ELISA kits and reagents, ELISpot kits and reagents, cytokine multiplex assays, enzyme activity kits, mRNA quantitation kits, apoptosis detection kits and reagents, DNA damage and repair reagents, cell enrichment columns, flow cytometry kits, cell differentiation and expansion kits, basement membrane extracts, and primer pairs.

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