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  • Reheis, Inc., along with General Chemical Corporation, form the Performance Chemicals Segment of GenTek Inc. (NASDAQ: GETI). GenTek Inc. is a leading manufacturer of industrial components and performance products. Over the years, Reheis has been at the leading edge of technology in the fields of antiperspirants. This is most clearly evidenced by the ever growing number of Reheis new products. These advancements come not only from research undertaken independently by the company, but also in conjunction with our customers to meet their specific needs. Reheis also uses this leading edge approach in the area of adsorbents to the biomedical and veterinary vaccine industries, and potassium chloride to the pharmaceutical and food industries. Reheis has built its reputation throughout the world by consistently raising the level of product quality. This is the norm at the company's two state of the art, FDA registered plants in Berkeley Heights, New Jersey and Midlothian, Texas. Much effort has gone into attaining this high level of quality. This includes significant capital investment to upgrade equipment, constant review and improvement of production procedures, exacting quality control standards, and strict adherence to Good Manufacturing Practices. As part of our continuous effort towards providing the highest quality products, we have been actively involved in Vendor Certification programs with various customers around the world. We are proud to say that we can include many of the world's top companies among those who have recognized Reheis as a certified vendor. Reheis Inc... Committed to innovation... Dedicated to product quality... A true industry leader for the 21st century.

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