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  • Dear Researcher:

    Thank you for considering R.I. Chemical (RIC) as a source for your nucleoside and oligonucleotide work. Beginning in 1981 as a manufacturer of purines, pyrimidines and nucleosides, both on a custom synthesis basis and as a supplier to major chemical retailers, RIC has grown steadily. As the field Antisense -DNA has expanded exponentially in recent years, demand for our products and scale-up capabilities has also increased. Due to the large number of inquires for research quantities we felt a catalog of the most popular items would aid the growth of this field.

    RIC has scale-up capabilities to multi-kilo quantities for most of the products found in our on-line catalog. We have extensive experience in the process improvement and scale-up of novel nucleosides and nucleotides. We have priced our products competitively and will consider discounts to those of you doing research for publicly funded institutions. Should you need a chemical not found in our on-line catalog please contact us, we will be happy to provide you with a competitive quote.


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