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  • Founded in 1996, Ronco Protective Products is a world class manufacturer of disposable gloves, industrial gloves, protective apparel and plastic products. Since its inception, Ronco has strived to meet and exceed customers' needs through commitment to manufacturing consistent quality products and providing the best service industry wide.

    Our Vision

    To become a leader in the supply of safety, protective and hygienic products.

    Our Mission

    To provide our customers with consistent quality products to enhance user safety, confidence and productivity at competitive prices.


    Ronco's head office is in Concord (north of Toronto ), Ontario , Canada and its operations encompass Canada and the Far East . Sales offices all across Canada complement Ronco's presence in the Canadian market. High tech and state of the art manufacturing facilities in China and Malaysia , allow Ronco to manufacture top quality products while remaining extremely competitive. An on-site team of dedicated quality assurance inspectors and market researchers ensure that Ronco's corporate values are being enforced for human resources standards, manufacturing and quality processes.

    Ronco takes pride in the quality of the people involved at all levels of its operations and ensures that its employees are satisfied with their work and have the tools they need to achieve their tasks effectively time after time. By creating more value in the workplace, Ronco is able to create more value in the marketplace.

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