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Sarstedt Inc.

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  • History

    The SARSTEDT Group develops, manufactures and sells equipment and consumables in the field of medicine and science. Ever since it was set up in 1961 the company has continued to grow to the point where it now employs a workforce of 2,500.

    Product profile

    • Consumables and analytical equipment for medical diagnostics and consumables for use in medical patient care
    • Consumables, laboratory aids and laboratory equipment for industrial and research laboratories and also for environmental analytical work.

    • Production

      Well in excess of 90 % of all our products are manufactured at our own production sites at home and abroad.


      Product development, from concept to finished product, is carried out exclusively at our own R&D centre.


      The SARSTEDT Group markets and sells its products worldwide exclusively via its own marketing organisations and its own field service.


      Because our products are used directly on patients and also in research and development laboratories they must conform to a very high quality standard. Our modern and integrated quality management system allows us to meet this requirement.

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