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  • SCILOGEX is a new brand of innovative and unique laboratory products for all areas of research. Every product has been carefully selected for quality and priced to meet your budget so your lab can operate at its highest level of efficiency. Our goal is to provide great products, great prices and great service.

    SCILOGEX Liquid Handling Products and Bench-top Instruments are avaiable ONLY through our authorized distributor network. To locate a distributor in your area, please contact us. Our knowledgeable staff will be delighted to provide you with pre-purchase support and product recommendations.

    Our Liquid Handling Products products come with a 3 year warranty and our Bench-top Instruments come with a 2 year warranty and manufactured in an ISO9001 facility so you can purchase in confidence.

    We thank you for your continued support and we look forward to bringing you new and exciting products at VERY competitive prices.

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If you have sales questions relative to particular products or to your line of research, please contact the CEDARLANE® sales department and have all of your questions answered in a timely and professional manner.