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  • Smartox is the world’s only manufacturer/supplier specializing solely in synthetic peptides issued from venomous animals (such peptides are sometimes referred to as toxins). It is the product of research carried out by the Dr Michel De Waard at the internationally renowned Grenoble Institute of Neuroscience (part owned by the University Joseph Fourier, Grenoble, France).

    Dr De Waard’s field of research covers the strong link that exists between ion channels and venom peptides, in particular the identification and the development of venom peptides as therapeutic molecules or cell penetrating peptides (CPP). This led his team to develop important know-how relating to venom studies including: venom fractioning, identification of pharmacologically active peptides, cystein-rich peptides characterization, manufacturing and optimization.

    The wealth of know-how developed by Dr De Waard and his team can now be shared with the research community via the Smartox offering.

    Smartox was awarded the “OSEO prize for emerging businesses” in 2010 by the French Ministry of Research and currently trades with academic institutions and private sector research organizations across the globe.

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