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  • Highlighted Product

    • For rapid detection of all 92 S. pneumonia serotypes from a positive blood culture or pure culture
    • Positive reaction within 5 seconds for a blood culture—FASTEST ON THE MARKET
    • No pre-treatment for positive blood cultures— SAVES TIME
    • 100% Sensitivity & Specificity
    • Long shelf life—guaranteed 2 years minimum from date of shipment
    • Competitively priced

     *** No Charge evaluation kits are available.  Please contact diagnostics@cedarlanedx.com***


    SSI Diagnostica has more than 75 years of experience with research and production of Salmonella antisera, and we offer a range of products with strong portfolio breadth and depth to facilitate accurate identification as specified by the Kaufmann-White Scheme.

    Salmonella is often linked with food safety issues, and it is the leading cause of food poisoning. In compromised patients it can even lead to death. Therefore, it is important to get fast and reliable results.

    View our videos on how to perform Slide agglutination and Phase Inversion below.

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