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  • Swissaustral is a consortium of research-driven companies focused in discovery, development and production of enzymes and other bio-molecules derived from extremophilic microorganisms. It is an internationally operating biotech group with presence in three regions around the globe (Europe, North America, and South America).

    Swissaustral exploits the vast and unexplored natural diversity of extremophiles to develop, engineer and bring to market novel and unique bio-molecules, such as High-performance Enzymes(TM). Our extremophiles bio-bank represents an excellent source of novel and high-quality bio-compounds of biotechnological interest, which are accessible to enhance your products and processes.

    Swissaustral produces Enzymes and active secondary metabolites, which represents biodegradable, stable and safe solutions for a wide range of industrial and research applications. Our portfolio of products is continuously expanding.

    Our products are offered in a range of formats and packaging options that enable our clients to choose the one that fits the best their business requirements.

    In addition, Swissaustral offers R+D services for challenging technological projects. These services are designed in a step-wise approach for minimizing the intrinsic risks of research projects and for maximizing customer satisfaction.

    For more information about our capabilities and resources, please visit our website: www.swissaustral.com

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