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    Tailored Genes was founded in 2014 with the aim of providing researchers with custom made products and services in lentivirus vectors, stable cell lines, and molecular biology at cost-effective prices that meets the budget of research laboratories. Through our Company, clients can now select the specific promoters, transgene and markers to generate a custom-made lentivirus vector, and then express the transgene in their cell line of choice, all with 100% satisfaction guarantee. Tailored genes also provides Pre-made Lentivirus Vectors.


    Lentivirus vectors are one of the most efficient vehicles for delivering genes into a broad spectrum of dividing and non-dividing cells. They are able to integrate the desired gene in the host genome thus allowing long-term gene expression in target cells.

    Custom Lentivirus Vector Service

    Tailored Genes also offers a: Custom Lentivirus Vector Service. The sequence is provided by the customer and we provide the lentivector.

    • Expression vector provided
    • Gene cloning, screening and plasmid amplification included
    • 1ml virus @ 108 TU/ml titer
    • Titration included for lentivectors with markers
    • Fully customized lentivectors with specified promoter and transgene
    • Transgene synthesis service provided

    Please contact us for a quote (research@cedarlanelabs.com)

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