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  • TopoGEN is a research diagnostics company that provides innovative products and services for researchers working with topoisomerases and engaged in mechanism based drug discovery and development. Drug Screening Kits are available to identify topoisomerase active drugs for use in cancer chemotherapy and antibacterial applications. The company also provides assay kits for assaying both prokaryotic and eukaryotic topoisomerases (type I, II, IV, gyrase), both in vitro and in vivo.

    We also offer a complete line of DNA substrates and DNA cleavage targets, topoisomerase inhibitors, topoisomerase antibodies, and kit replenishment reagents. The company was founded by researchers working with these enzymes and who can offer hands on assistance with your topoisomerase research, whether basic, clinical, applied or translational. TopoGEN was incorporated in 1991 and has a dedicated clientele. We offer substantial product support, data interpretation and consultation advice. We also provide custom compound screening services for topo poisons.

  • TopoGEN Available through Cedarlane

    Primary Product Categories

    • Assay Kits, Drug Screening and Ice Assay Kits
    • Antibodies, Antibody Kits and Protein MW Markers
    • DNA Substrates and Markers
    • Topoisomerase Related Drugs
    • Topoisomerases and DNA Gyrases
    • Cell Context DNA Repair

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