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  • TriChem Resources, Inc. is a primary manufacturer and distributor of Purified Human Proteins for the Diagnostic and Research Industries. Established in 1992, TriChem offers high-quality Cardiac Marker Antigens for use as immunogen, or for use in controls & calibrators. Additionally, TriChem and its associates offer various Tumor Marker Antigens purified from our superior raw material sources for diagnostic assay development.

    The management and lab professionals at TriChem have been purifying and screening for various human proteins since 1988. The president has over 20 years experience in raw material sourcing and protein development.

    We have extensive experience in the production of Human C-Reactive Protein Antigen (CRP). Other key products manufactured at TriChem include Human Carcino-Embryonic Antigen (CEA) and Human Alpha-Fetoprotein (AFP). Major diagnostic and pharmaceutical companies utilize our partially pure CRP, CEA, and AFP as part of a multi-constituent control, or as an individual control for diagnostic assays. Highly purified versions are used for immunogen by antibody production facilities. The second leading product manufactured in bulk quantity by TriChem is CEA.

    For the past several years, we have emphasized the development of various cardiac risk-assessment proteins (which now includes CRP as recent literature indicates). TriChem and its associates currently offer all forms of Human Cardiac Troponins for research, immunogen, or control purposes.

    Through TriChem's role as a raw material purchaser and refiner, the company has allied itself with other companies to commercialize Tumor Marker Antigens. Tumor Marker Antigens have played a major role in the company. Each identified tumor marker antigen has its own proprietary isolation technique that our associate firms use to produce the following grades:

    • Highly Purified Grade: Recommended for use as immunogen to make antibody or for labeling (i.e., enzyme or radio). Also suitable for the manufacture of multiple analyte controls.
    • Partially Purified Grade: These products are often used to manufacture single analyte calibrators and controls.
    • Low Cross Reactivity, Partially Purified Grade: This product is best suited for the manufacture of multiple analyte tumor marker controls.

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