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  • Tridelta was founded in 1996 with the specific aim of developing unique diagnostic tests in the veterinary field.

    The company focused on the development of tests to measure a range of proteins found in most species known as Acute Phase Proteins which are known to act as “early warnings” of activation of the immune system due to causes such as infection, disease or trauma.

    The company produced its first commercial assay for one of these proteins, Haptoglobin on 1999 and went on to develop further tests for Serum Amyloid A (SAA), and C-Reactive Protein as well as variants and controls to be used in conjunction with the tests. The company also developed a test for a newly discovered Acute Phase Protein which is known as Milk Amyloid A (MAA), a variant of SAA produced in the udders of dairy cows and found in their milk which is being extensively investigated as a new method of allowing dairy farmers to detect and measure Mastitis in their herds – an inflammatory disease of dairy cows which costs the dairy industry huge amounts of money every year.

    Tridelta’s tests are now used all over the world by academic and pharmaceutical researchers and the company is the leading supplier of the range of Animal Acute Phase Protein tests. The test kits are all manufactured and shipped worldwide from the company’s base in Maynooth, Co. Kildare, Ireland.

    Tridelta's most recent developments include extensive research work carried out in conjunction with an Irish horse racing trainer into the use of Equine SAA in the horse racing industry: SAA has been found to be a good marker of the potential performance of a horse going into a race and the company is working to further develop this aspect of Acute Phase Protein use.

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