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  • UFI was founded in 1978 to provide quality, affordable equipment to the life science research and teaching fields. Since our beginning of providing transducers and signal conditioners we have added custom and semi-custom data recording systems which are used from Antarctica to Alaska and many places in between. We have been presented with many different requests which have challenged us and helped us to grow in our technical expertise, which we are able to share with all of our customers.

    UFI has been in business for more than 30 years on the California Central Coast. During that time, we have developed and built scores of different instruments for physiological research, both human and animal. Our research customers have ranged from NASA, which carried our Biolog data recorder into the depths of space, to the Scripps Institution of Oceanography, which has deployed our data loggers on penguins diving below the Antarctic ice.

    All of our equipment is designed and built right here in Morro Bay. This close control means that we can offer quick turn-arounds, expert technical assistance and knowledgable repairs in the event that your UFI product should ever need them.

    Our long commitment to researchers around the world has allowed us to gather the best ideas in medical electronics and bring them to the design of physiological research tools. When you purchase from UFI, you're dealing with more than just another vendor -- you're entering a research partnership.

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