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  • United Biotech, Inc was founded in 1984. UBI develops and manufactures products tailored to the need of medical professionals in engineering healthcare economies. From conception, products are designed for reliability, ease of use and cost effectiveness.

    Our products are unique for clinical assays in that all assays can be used with any open-ended 96-well platform (eg. universal microtiter plate reader). The freedom to choose the best assay indpendent of your choice of clinical platform and vice versa. UBI MAGIWEL™ assays are developed using the same detection system and monitored at 450 nm. The assays are performed at a common wavelength to avoid complications and cost of changing the wavelength filters. Our assays are performed at room temperature to avoid complications and cost of incubation. The UBI MAGIWEL™ assays are performed at 22-26 °C.

    All manufactured under GMP and ISO 13485:2003 (TUV) regulations. Our company is also CE certified.

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