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  • ViroGates is an international Biotechnology company headquartered in Denmark. Known for its developed product line called suPARnostic®, ViroGates aims to make a difference in health management by providing information that will empower clinicians to save lives, reduce healthcare cost and provide patients with the treatment or lifestyle changes they need. ViroGates aims to make the suPAR test widely available in commercial environments and seeks to have it implemented and used for clinical decision making.

    suPARnostic® is developed to measure the amount of suPAR protein in human blood. A high suPARnostic® level indicates an increased risk of negative outcomes, and should result in appropriate treatment to lower this level. This technology can improve how low risk patients are managed, and as a result can help doctors to prioritize selection of treatment and monitoring of patients. Ultimately, this can lead to a better and more efficient allocation of healthcare resources.

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    suPARnostic® AUTO Flex ELISA (Product No. E001(VI))

    Developed for application in central labs

    • Automated and manual procedures
    • Modular and flexible – 12x8 strips and up to 91 single tests
    • Fully quantitative results in less than 1½ hours
    • Choice of 3- to 5-point standard curve for high accuracy
    • Ready-to-use reagents & software tool for easy results*)


    Product contains: White Microtiter Plate with 96 conical wells for mixing samples, pre-coated anti-suPAR Microtiter Plate with break-apart wells; Quantity: 8 wells x 12 strips. A Standard Recombinant suPAR, A Curve Control, Peroxidase-conjugated mouse anti-human suPAR in buffer, Dilution Buffer PBS buffer, pH 7.4, Sealing Tape, Empty Plastic Bottle. Everything Ready to Use.

    • Well-proven platform for accurate tests results
    • Time-to-Result 1½ hours
    • Everything Ready to Use
    • Software to easily calculate results


    • Easy for the laboratory to implement
    • Well documented with more than 400 publications in Pub Med

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