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Viromed Laboratories Inc.

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  • Established in 1982, ViroMed Laboratories began as a private, regional reference laboratory performing infectious disease testing with a focus on virology and a commitment to providing testing services of the highest quality. In just a few short years, ViroMed's virology/microbiology expertise made it one of the premier private clinical laboratories in the country. From that strong base of scientific expertise, and with its unwavering commitment to quality, ViroMed expanded the breadth of its testing services over the years to also meet the specialized needs of a broad spectrum of clients. In June, 2001 ViroMed's clinical businesses (clinical diagnostics, clinical trials, and diagnostic products) were acquired by Laboratory Corporation of America® Holdings.

    As a part of LabCorp®, ViroMed continues to provide high-quality laboratory testing services and products with its customary focus on client requirements.

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