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  • For the manufacture of diagnostic kits, biotechnological & pharmaceutical applications as well as research , Vital Products provides coagulation plasmas as well as normal & abnormal human sera. We also supply normal and abnormal patient samples with values for cancer makers, drugs, hormones, viruses etc. for quality control and other uses.

    For identification of rare Red Cell Antibodies, we have human antisera to c, CDE, D-Slide, Diego A, e, E, Fya, Fyb, k, Kpb, M, others.

    For serum matrices , we supply human or bovine albumin, gamma globulin, thrombin, human defibrinated plasma, serum off-the-clot, recovered plasma and source plasma. Also, human or animal antigens, fluids, enzymes, organs, sera and tissues are available.

    The company was incorporated in 1985 as Vital Blood Products in Los Angeles, CA. Vital Products, Inc. moved to St Louis, MO. in 1991 with our company headquarters now located in Boynton Beach, Florida. Dr. Flom, the founder of Vital Products, Inc. has a diverse academic and medical background including teaching, the NIH & clinical labs.

    Vital Products, Inc. of Boynton Beach, FL is NOT associated with any other company with a similar name & in particular any health food companies or such located in IL, NC, NJ, or Bradenton, FL.

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